Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Friends are Getting In..... Waiting Day-34

Mood: happy and sad =

Well.... Im relax but obviously my hope is going down hill.... So Francisco get in :). he got Merchandise in just a week after his interview.
Last Wednesday (Feb/24) I get a letter from Disney. I was almost a 100% sure that was a rejection letter but wasn't :). It just was a pending status letter what means that I will have to wait up to April 30 to know if I get in or not.
Obviously make me think that Im one of those that just get in because other person didn't accepted the job or role that Disney give them, like QSFB or Custodial.
I just hope to get in and be part of this wonderful experience and do it with my friends. If not. Fall Advantage 2011 will be the one.

Thank You For Reading
Have a Disney Day!!!

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