Saturday, March 20, 2010

Things to Do while in the Disney College Program!!!

May not be in Order.


1-Harry Potter Park at Island of Adventure
2-Universal Studios
3-Horror Nights at Universal Studios
4-Bush Gardens
5-Kennedy Space Center
6-All Walt Disney World Special Events and Holidays
7-Eat one meal or one snack (native) in each Pavilion at Epcot in just one day
8-Ride Hunted Mansion, TOT, Aerosmith, Peter Pan, GMR, Mission Space, Expedition Everest each one 89 times
9-Sea World
10-Disney Quest
11-Hang out at Walmart lol
12-Road Trip
13-Making a Guest Feel Special
14-Make a Painting with Water
15-Lose Weight lol
16-Titanic The Experience
18-Medieval Times
19-Get Haircuts at Magic Kingdom Tunnels!
20-Watch the Fireworks in any park in New Years Day
21-Take Some Disney VIP Tours
22-Dive with Sharks at Sea World
23-Dive in Nemos Aquarium :)
24-Make a lot of Friends
25-Get My Spanish Language Tag
26-Improve My English
27-Play some Mini Golf lol

28-Watch Wishes from Bay Lake Tower or Contemporary Resort

Thank You For Reading
Have a Disney Day!!!

1 comment:

Lyanne M. said...

Cool list!!
but why 89 times??