Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Im Going to Disneeeeeeey!!!!

So Mickey did int forget me!
I just find out about it.... Im so exited....
I just came from work and I open my email and open an email about the DCP saying that I have to wait until April 30 to know about my status, because yesterday I send an email asking about it. Then I see another email saying: Disney College Program: Your Invitation‏.
I was like umm! another promotion or something about Disney like always. so I wasn't that exited to open it, but did and I find out ooooohhh....
Im going to Disney!!!!

I will be a Custodial Cast Member hey not the best job there but QSFB hmm is worst I think lol

Here the email:

Thank You Reading
Have a Disney Day!!!!

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Lyanne M. said...

Hey!!!! Be careful what you say about QSFB! ;P
Yo conozoco a alguien que hizo Custodial FA 09 y al él le encantó. Puedes interactuar con muchas personas, tienes más libertades Y puedes dibujar personajes en el piso con una escoba y agua. Esos son los famosos "water mickeys". :D

Muchas felicidades!!! Me alegro de que por fin te hayan dicho!! I told you!!!