Monday, November 19, 2012

My Home Park!

So I find out in which park Ill be working.

Epcot! Yes Epcot "Center"

This is my second favorite park at Disney. I know I'm going to miss Magic Kingdom since MK is like my home away from home. 

MK is so easy since I already know were everything is. But Epcot will be really nice even though Ill be lost on my first day.
I'm definitively going to miss the tunnels... 

Update! 12/10/12
My Work Area!

Thanks for reading! and Have a Disney Day!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Going back to my second home???

So about a month ago I applied for the Management Internship in the areas of Park Ops, Resorts and Food and Beverage. 

The waiting and stress have being horrible. Since I had a 6 Months Restriction with the Walt Disney Company I didn't had the hopes of being selected. This Internship is really important to me since I'm done with college this year. So I knew this was my last change to hop into the Disney bus and get the Management Internship. 

Today in the morning I got a call from Disney Careers offering me the Management position for the Food and Beverage Internship. Which I've already accepted! 

All the stress and my hard work during my CP and after at school have paid off. The best thing is that I'm not going solo my GF is also moving to FL, so after 4+ years together we can start our own grown up life's together! 

I'm still in shock that I got accepted. So I think "Dreams come true" after all. 

If you work hard you get rewarded! 

If you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment down below!!!

Have a Disney Day!!!