Friday, January 7, 2011

First Part is Done!!! Sad Days!

Hi Guys Happy New Year First of all!....

So is 12:38am so is January 7,2011 now and 97% of my friends are already on they way home. I feel lonely now is hard not to think about all those people that make this last 5 1/2 months the best time in my life! I look forward to meet a lot of new people in the next 3 weeks to come. But is going to be different nothing will be the same.

I will miss a lot of people specially those that life in the other part of the World and I maybe wont see them again. I dont regret anything here I hope to have a blast in the next months to come but I will really miss those people that become part of my life thank you for your friendship, for those days at work, for those days of just going to the parks or to Walmart, for those days of party in Bdubs,HOB,VW, ect Thank You! I love u all people im great full to be part of this I have 6 more months and I will feel sadness when I leave in  May.

But yeah this is one in a life time I will never change anything if I could.... Thank You Guys for been part of this experience and been part of my life....

Thank You my Disney Family!