Friday, August 27, 2010

Magic Kingdom Custodial Life!!!

Hey guys!

So the work is not that hard but is so tiring!!!.... Like you know if you have read my others blogs I work in MK East which includes Fantasyland,ToonTown and Tomorrowland!

I already did Fantasyland and Tomorrowland... My favorite is Fantasyland! I love it.... I havent done ToonTown.... Just once in training but training and work are very VERY different lol.....  So well I keep doing my MAGIC lol and love it i love that guest interaction a 150% lol..... The hours are not that good but you have to do what you have to do lol....

P.S Today 8/26/10 I went to DHS with some Friends and a lot of CPs where there too idk why but DHS was full of CPs today lol....

Bonus Pic the Goofy i draw in the Animation Class in DHS! Note im not a drawer i just can draw smile faces and sticks hahaha

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P.S I love my bubbles at work :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I earn my Ears!!!!

So I earn my ears Im Officially a Custodial Cast Member! I work in The Magic Kingdom in Tomorrow Land, Toon Town and Fantasy Land :D 

Yeah the work isn't that easy but it is at the same time.... I love the guest interaction a 150%. Today I also get into Pin Trading and just about 5 minutes been on the streets and I trade my first pin to a little boy! I trade a total of 7 pins in just 11/2 hours.... now Im looking forward for the water painting :)

I love the work I love to make the Guest happy! Oh also today I replace (first time) an Ice Cream Cone for a Child that drooped his. Also I give a lot of directions during and after my assessment.

The assessment was first a written test.... dont worry is very easy and if you dont understand something you can always ask!

After that we need to explain most of the procedure opening, closing and normal....

Then you go with the Manager and hit the park.... doing a lot of Guest Interaction and giving you tips of how to do it, and teaching you a lot of specific stuff about your area, like the restaurant and their food, rides and what they are about.... pretty cool stuff!

Then the Manager let us do whatever we want after the break, my coworker and I went to Fantasy Land and we did Guest Interaction and cleaning the streets a for almost 2hrs!!!! and oh yeah the rain just fall while doing that lol was like a storm haha

Was a great day... Im crazy to go tomorrow to work again :) i just got 6hrs today and tomorrow will be the same.....

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Done with Traditions!

So for me folks Traditions was fun! Idk I love history so i didn't get bored that much... like others did lol.... So in Traditions we went to MK using the Tunnels... then will there, we got to take notes about things in the park that Cast Member have to do so the Guest have an awesome time there.... also we get to see Mickey Mouse! and learn a lot about our Company! then we got our name tags! Finally! :D

After Traditions we went to MK and arrive there at 10:30pm so we miss the firework :/, but we get to see the Electric Parade :O :D awesome!

P.S: I just love the interaction with everyone, and picking up a random conversations at the bus with others unknown CPs is awesome

So Today Im having my first day of training! So I will let you know folks!

So see you tomorrow
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Quick Update! Home Sweet Home!!!

So I arrive yesterday! But my check in was Today... Im now at Chatham Square! I got Magic Kingdom Streets.... Custodial..... Well there is a lot of things to do... there is a lot for real!!!!! You will see.... But actually I will post tomorrow again because I will be "Free"... Right now Im toooooooo tire lol! see you folks!

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Just Hours until Leving and Just 1 Day unitl the Check In!!!

Hi folks!

So im Just a few hours away from leaving Puerto Rico! The check in is the 11th (Wednesday). Im feeling weird I have to do so many things in so little time :o lol

Im also nervous, it will be a new job a totally different place and the guest interaction! wow now im nervous lol.... also the classes although many cps say that they are easy... lets see I have Human Resources and a another one that Im not sure about it lol.....

Lets see what happen, now its time for packing :o !!!!!

Check out The Custodial Facebook:
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Also The Vlog in Spanish!

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