Friday, February 19, 2010

Keep it.... Positive!!! Waiting-Day 22

Well so I was kind of down :/ this morning. So my hope to get into the CP was 0.....
I feel much better now I will wait patiently....
Is ok and if I dont get in, What the hell?
I will try for FA 2011 so....
To all of you that have been waiting for so long and see others getting in dont worry your time will come soon....
If you dont get in is always a second chance so forget the worries and keep going keep positive!!!!!

Congrats to:
Alyssa Edson
Jennifer Pegg
Lyanne Claudio

and the others that get in.

Shane Messick and Jonathan Medina Rivera keep positive!!!!

Thank You for reading
Have a Disney Day!!!!


Lyanne M. said...

Thanks Khriz! :)
Ya vez q ya mismo sabras! Necesitan nuesto spanglish!!! ;)

Jenn said...

Thanks for mentioning me Khriz! :)

I really think the best thing to do is stay positive and leave it up to fate. I'm glad you're in a better mindset now!