Monday, November 19, 2012

My Home Park!

So I find out in which park Ill be working.

Epcot! Yes Epcot "Center"

This is my second favorite park at Disney. I know I'm going to miss Magic Kingdom since MK is like my home away from home. 

MK is so easy since I already know were everything is. But Epcot will be really nice even though Ill be lost on my first day.
I'm definitively going to miss the tunnels... 

Update! 12/10/12
My Work Area!

Thanks for reading! and Have a Disney Day!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Going back to my second home???

So about a month ago I applied for the Management Internship in the areas of Park Ops, Resorts and Food and Beverage. 

The waiting and stress have being horrible. Since I had a 6 Months Restriction with the Walt Disney Company I didn't had the hopes of being selected. This Internship is really important to me since I'm done with college this year. So I knew this was my last change to hop into the Disney bus and get the Management Internship. 

Today in the morning I got a call from Disney Careers offering me the Management position for the Food and Beverage Internship. Which I've already accepted! 

All the stress and my hard work during my CP and after at school have paid off. The best thing is that I'm not going solo my GF is also moving to FL, so after 4+ years together we can start our own grown up life's together! 

I'm still in shock that I got accepted. So I think "Dreams come true" after all. 

If you work hard you get rewarded! 

If you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment down below!!!

Have a Disney Day!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bye Bye Jay!

A few days ago we lost a great guy. Jay Stone was a Cast Member who worked in the Magic Kingdom. He was one of the nicest persons I've met during my CP. 

A person that would go to you and have a conservation even if  you didnt knew each other. 

His life was taken but his memory will still living in those who knew this wonderful and nice guy.

You were a great person and a great Cast Member. 

RIP Jay!

Article about Jay's murder: (Click Below)
Disney worker's kindness 'met with murder'

Charged for Jay's Murder

Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Video from September 2010!!!!

Hey guys haven't blogged in a while. Things are the same, working going to school... same old thing. Just waiting for September 2012 so I can have my Management Internship interview. Meanwhile I been editing my videos from the program and there you go this is  September remember is in Spanglish. I have videos in English but you have to wait until i edit them lol.

Like always thank you! 

Have a Disney Day!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Disney Custodial Information!!!

Hi! So this what Disney have in their DCP Website:

Responsibilities may include:
  • High Guest interaction while working independently
  • Extensive cleaning - including restrooms and toilets
  • Working with cleaning chemicals and equipment
  • Bussing tables in restaurants and outdoors
  • Sweeping and mopping
  • Emptying trashcans, lifting heavy garbage bags
  • Driving pargo carts
  • Vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning pool decks
  • Providing Guest information
  • Standing for extended periods, working outdoors
My experience between Fall 2010 and Spring 2011

Custodial is a excellent role if you are a person that enjoy A LOT of interaction with people that you dont even know. For you to enjoy this role you will need to be friendly, outgoing, fun, creative, tolerant and helpful. If you have all this or a just one your ready to go you will learn the rest down there! Guest are unpredictable you never know what they going to said to you. Most of them ask for directions, others will start to talk to you with any reason (most of them just want to talk with someone while they wait for their family to come back from a ride) some of them will complain about stuff that you dont even have control about like attractions or rude employees in other park outside Disney property lol... 

You have to be tolerant some people dont speak English (if you know any other Language thats a + specially Spanish or Portuguese) or some people wont understand you at first because your accent (it happen to me a few times, my first Language is Spanish, specially after a long day of work haha) P.S you will see Guest with maps with ToonTown (in the case of MK) in it ToonTown move out earlier this year lol

You get the opportunity of doing water art which is unique from Custodial in all Disney Parks! Is an awesome way to interact with people, if your shy this is a good way to break out that shell! Also you can do Pin Trading but everyone does that lol.... Be creative and take ideas from everyone! I used to do Pin Trading, Water Art, Games with the Water and my Broom, Give away Stickers, Talk to complete strangers, in Tomorrowland Spin the Giant Granite Ball and splash the kids with the water!(ask the kids first if they want to play that game lol), I also used to walk around with a LightSaber kids and their parents love that, Complement the Kids for their Pirates, Knight, Prince, Princess or other Disney character costume, you would hear stuff like mom he really think that I am Cinderella. lol 

Anyway just have fun with work! Look at me I didnt have all that confidence before Disney, specially because my English is not perfect, but if I did it you can do it!

Now about the real work. In MK Custodial, when i started, you used to get an area lets said Space that would be all trash cans inside, front and around that attraction. You start that zone then about 2hrs later someone used to take over that area, you go to Break and then go to CDS take a new assignment this could be tasking which is cleaning certain areas for a few minutes or doing magical moments, or you could get a Zone like COP which is aroung Carousel of Progress, so every time you came from a Break you used to take over a new area which means that you could leave Space clean and after your break go to COP and find every trash can FULL which use to be a big problem making Managers to get in the situation. They change that system this year and now you get a Zone and keep it all day long which is a little boring but is kind of good too because you area would be much cleaner and would be easier. Other Cast Member will and have to take over your area when you get a Break they are called Breakers. P.S you could also get Recycle which in the East is taking care of all the recycle cans in Tomorrowland and Fantasyland, by your Self!!! 

Bussing tables is a busy one specially in Main Street thats work work work trash trash trash trash! The trashcans in the Food Areas of Main Street never get empty you ca empty them and five minutes later is full again! Horrible!

Anyway if you have any question about the DCP leave a comment down below and I will try to give you an answer! 

Thanks For Reading! 
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Monday, June 27, 2011

My Program Ended a Little more than a Month Ago!

Hi Guys! 
I know I haven't blog in a while... I been really busy!

So my CP Officially Ended May 13th 2011. Now Im Seasonal! Its been a crazy month... First coming back home, is a little hard to get used to the life without living in FL. Two weeks after my arrival I lost my Dad. Which is a really difficult situation for me and my family. Its been less than a month since he's death so still fresh.

Well.....  My plans for the Future are Finishing College then move to FL and stay there. I probably would do a PI (Professional Internship). I want to do it in Guest Relations in which I may have a chance because my End of Season Evaluation overall was Moving Ahead! I was a great Custodian, great with Families and Kids I guess lol... I used to walk around Magic Kingdom East with a Lightsaber lol, not Disney Look appropriate but it was ok whit my Managers! Sighs I Love Custodial such an awesome job lol except for the cleaning haha but the Guest interaction is AWESOME!!!<3 Magical Moments   

So Im going back for my Seasonal hours in October 2011 I already did 20+ hours so i can relax a little while im there lol. I miss my friends and the CP life! 

If your are planning or already in the College Program and have a question about anything with the CP feel Free to Ask here or contact Me on my Facebook (links to the Left of the Screen)!!!

Some Pictures from Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 (August 11th-May 13th) Not in Order but Almost lol

With 28102 Housemates from Fall 2010

Me as a Pirate for the First "Mickeys Not So Scary" Fall 2010
 Me with my Girlfriend she came and Visit me :) Sep Fall 2010
 AK Fun Sep 2010
 At Pirates with Sunny! Sep 2010
 AK Sep 2010
 Universal Studios with Dante Nov 2010
 Sergio,Alexandra,Geraldo and Dante after Fall 2010 Graduation (January2011)
 Sergio slap me! lol not Jan 2011.... He was my Roommate for Spring 2011
 Duffy meets my Duffy! Nov 2010
 Dante's Bday Jan 2011
 Dante's Bday Jan 2011 Vista Way!
 With my Friends from Brazil! Tassia and Karen Jan 2011
 28102 First and last Picture lol Jan 2011 Fall 2010
 Fall 2010 Custodians at Space Mountain thanks Jeff! Jan 2011
 The Class and Me With the WDW Ambassadors Dec 2010 Fall 2010
 At Fall 2010 CP Graduation Dec2010
 My First Star Wars Weekend with Marie! Spring 2011 May 2011
 Same May 2011
 Like usual me doing Water Art at MK from Spring 2011
 Eric,Kristen and Ricky MK Custodial Spring 2011
 Me and Sergio at one of our battles like always in HP World I went there like 13 times so Annual Pass is Totally Worth It!
 HP Spring 2011
 US Spring 2011
 Studios after Spring 2011 Graduation
 At Spring 2011 Graduation
 :D My Spring 2011 Graduation Ears!
 MK East Custodial Fall 2010 Jan 2011
 Bye Bye MK Spring 2011

This were just a few from my 10 months stay at WDW lol 
Hope you Enjoy this!!!
Thanks For Reading :D
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Monday, March 28, 2011

So is been a long time! Almost a goodbye!!!

Its been more than 2 months since my last post! Im just a little bit more than a month to go. Almost there and im ready for it, ready for the end but I dont want to go back to the same life, Im a new person now because of this experience. Its been awesome! Parks,Food,Friends it wont be the same after Im done with the CP. But thats ok I knew this was only a dream that was going to last10 months but would seem like 1 day.... 

Im ready to get out of this "Disney Bubble" even if I dont want to but such is life and all the good stuff have to come to a end. Im ready for new challenges in my life. Lets see what my future holds. Seasonal CM, PI after College hmm lets see... To all my Fall and Spring friends thanks for been part of my life for the past months!  

Thanks for Reading
Have a Disney Day!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

First Part is Done!!! Sad Days!

Hi Guys Happy New Year First of all!....

So is 12:38am so is January 7,2011 now and 97% of my friends are already on they way home. I feel lonely now is hard not to think about all those people that make this last 5 1/2 months the best time in my life! I look forward to meet a lot of new people in the next 3 weeks to come. But is going to be different nothing will be the same.

I will miss a lot of people specially those that life in the other part of the World and I maybe wont see them again. I dont regret anything here I hope to have a blast in the next months to come but I will really miss those people that become part of my life thank you for your friendship, for those days at work, for those days of just going to the parks or to Walmart, for those days of party in Bdubs,HOB,VW, ect Thank You! I love u all people im great full to be part of this I have 6 more months and I will feel sadness when I leave in  May.

But yeah this is one in a life time I will never change anything if I could.... Thank You Guys for been part of this experience and been part of my life....

Thank You my Disney Family!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Update!!!!! Finally :D

Hi guys!!!

Well everything good here! I went to Horror Nights, Island of Adventure, Kennedy Space Center, Sea World and my Girlfriend was here for 3 weeks :D lol its been almost 2 months since my last post and it seem like it only been a week. The time here pass flying lol.... 

So you know that i really wanted to extend my CP until May 2011.... Well....

I did!!! They give you 3 options and i choose
1-Character Attendant
2-Current Role/Location

So they give me.... Current Role/Location... I didnt got Character Attendant just like many other CPs that apply for that role. I havent heard about any extending CP that have got that role i dont know why... it seem like they dont want to invest in the training of new CPs in other Roles....

Well Christmas is around the corner and its going to be busy and crazy ufff! I dont know how we going to work in the Holidays lol

Thanks for Reading, Have a Disney Day!!!