Monday, June 27, 2011

My Program Ended a Little more than a Month Ago!

Hi Guys! 
I know I haven't blog in a while... I been really busy!

So my CP Officially Ended May 13th 2011. Now Im Seasonal! Its been a crazy month... First coming back home, is a little hard to get used to the life without living in FL. Two weeks after my arrival I lost my Dad. Which is a really difficult situation for me and my family. Its been less than a month since he's death so still fresh.

Well.....  My plans for the Future are Finishing College then move to FL and stay there. I probably would do a PI (Professional Internship). I want to do it in Guest Relations in which I may have a chance because my End of Season Evaluation overall was Moving Ahead! I was a great Custodian, great with Families and Kids I guess lol... I used to walk around Magic Kingdom East with a Lightsaber lol, not Disney Look appropriate but it was ok whit my Managers! Sighs I Love Custodial such an awesome job lol except for the cleaning haha but the Guest interaction is AWESOME!!!<3 Magical Moments   

So Im going back for my Seasonal hours in October 2011 I already did 20+ hours so i can relax a little while im there lol. I miss my friends and the CP life! 

If your are planning or already in the College Program and have a question about anything with the CP feel Free to Ask here or contact Me on my Facebook (links to the Left of the Screen)!!!

Some Pictures from Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 (August 11th-May 13th) Not in Order but Almost lol

With 28102 Housemates from Fall 2010

Me as a Pirate for the First "Mickeys Not So Scary" Fall 2010
 Me with my Girlfriend she came and Visit me :) Sep Fall 2010
 AK Fun Sep 2010
 At Pirates with Sunny! Sep 2010
 AK Sep 2010
 Universal Studios with Dante Nov 2010
 Sergio,Alexandra,Geraldo and Dante after Fall 2010 Graduation (January2011)
 Sergio slap me! lol not Jan 2011.... He was my Roommate for Spring 2011
 Duffy meets my Duffy! Nov 2010
 Dante's Bday Jan 2011
 Dante's Bday Jan 2011 Vista Way!
 With my Friends from Brazil! Tassia and Karen Jan 2011
 28102 First and last Picture lol Jan 2011 Fall 2010
 Fall 2010 Custodians at Space Mountain thanks Jeff! Jan 2011
 The Class and Me With the WDW Ambassadors Dec 2010 Fall 2010
 At Fall 2010 CP Graduation Dec2010
 My First Star Wars Weekend with Marie! Spring 2011 May 2011
 Same May 2011
 Like usual me doing Water Art at MK from Spring 2011
 Eric,Kristen and Ricky MK Custodial Spring 2011
 Me and Sergio at one of our battles like always in HP World I went there like 13 times so Annual Pass is Totally Worth It!
 HP Spring 2011
 US Spring 2011
 Studios after Spring 2011 Graduation
 At Spring 2011 Graduation
 :D My Spring 2011 Graduation Ears!
 MK East Custodial Fall 2010 Jan 2011
 Bye Bye MK Spring 2011

This were just a few from my 10 months stay at WDW lol 
Hope you Enjoy this!!!
Thanks For Reading :D
Have a Disney Day