Monday, March 22, 2010

Nothing to do with Disney.... Skydiving!!!

I can tell you im a extreme sport lover...... So today I go to Xtreme Divers to do my First Skydive (they are a pretty well known skydiving company... Remember Travis Pastrana jumping without parachute? well that was with this people here in PR)... it was for my 21 birthday and was suppose to be like 2 weeks ago (the day of my birthday) but because the weather we cant. But today was my 5 attempt and was the one yeah! rock on..... The weather was prefect it was awesome i really recommended you should do it! go for it! dont be scare.... you may die getting struck by a lighting before you die from doing Skydiving lol.....

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Khriz D. Rivera Arroyo

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Josh WDWCP said...

Looks awesome man! I have been wanting to go skydiving for years.