Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Wating is not over but I just had my Interview!!!

Not the best interview ever but wasn't that bad....
I receive the call at 12:19pm(PR time) but... I was sleeping :S so I wake up and listen to the voice mail that she leave me, saying that she would call again in 2 minutes, so I have less than 2 minutes to prepared awww so the tension was ON :s I just take out my notebook to write down her name and other details, something that I didn't did :(....

First of all I didn't catch her name :s I was nervous so forget to ask her. She review my info and the Disney look. Ask me about favorite park (hope to get in AK) everything was going good until someone was calling to my home phone :s I mess up when I ask her to let me check the phone I didn't even take the phone I just unplugged lol, and there is when I lost track and got super nervous.

She ask me mostly about my current job as a runner in a restaurant and if I was ok to clean, to work in a team, how i get my job done, if I ever make feel any guest special(omg my answer suck in this one), if I was ok making like 7.25, how i feel about moving to Florida and have roommates.........

The bad thing is that I only talk when she ask me something I didn't tell her any more just the answer, something that I really was disappointing at me. I prepare my self to let her know everything and I mess that up. I just apologize for my english that get kind of messy when I get nervous :S.... Yeah nervous= I cannot think anything when I get like that.

She was so nice with me and Im really sorry I didn't catch her name :( hmmm
I just know that if I get in, I will work in FSFB, QSFB Kitchen, Custodial or Costuming so my list get like upside down. :/

Well I just have that experience for the next interview if I don't get in.... now the waiting will be for about 2 months....

By the way the worst job that win the last poll was custodial!

Thanks for Reading
Have a Disney Day!!!

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SandraRivas said...

That's quite alright! I'm actually glad I found someone's interview wasn't perfect as well.

I made a couple of mistakes like answering weird (or the wrong way) and not hearing questions correctly. Plus she kept getting disconnected so it was tough when I was answering her questions.

But she was awfully sweet! I even made her laugh and she was interested in my babysitting experience and volunteering. So I guess I should still think purple!!