Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Disney College Program: College Presentation!!!!

So Today was my College Presentation :D
It was awesome!
Our recruiter was such an entertainer so it was fun.
She review everything about the CP,,, no new information for me :/ lol but it was a lot of fun.
The Trivias where fun too and I answer 3 question correct :D

The First was
1-Mention 2 other Disney Parks outside USA....
-So easy my answer was Paris and Tokyo
The Second was
2-How many bricks have the Cinderella Castle in MK?
-0 because is made from.... i don't know how to write the word so I will said it PR style lol "yeson board" whatever haha
Then was
3-Witch WDW Park combine Past,Present and Future?
-Epcot :)

So I win a duper Cool Pen about the CP and 2 CP Pins (both the same)! The second Pin I give it to my friend Francisco that was with me in the presentation because he did int answer any question at that moment, seconds after that he answer a question correctly lol and win a notepad about the CP :)

I also meet a new Friend Jonathan, we attend to the same College, but I did int know him until he was on the Facebook WDW CP Fall 2010 Page and we find out that we where on the same College.... funny part he knows Francisco lol.

That is All I Keep Waiting but not with the same Hope :/

Thanks For Reading Have a Disney Day!!!!

Here Photos of my prizes lol

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Lyanne M. said...

I'm super jealous of all your stuff. All I got was a balloon and it exploded a few hours later...:P
Don't loose hope!! Pronto sabras!!