Sunday, January 24, 2010

And the Magic is Starting to Flow!!!

Well so I pass the Web Interview a couple of minutes ago. I know I said that I would wait for my college presentation, but I find out (thanks to Jenn and confirmed by Lyanne) that they wont have "in person" interviews here in PR. So here Im waiting to scheduled the Phone Interview tomorrow. So wait for more news tomorrow! Well I want to thank Jenn for guiding me in this adventure lol I know I been asking you a lot of questions xD.

Thank You For Reading
Have a Disney Day!


Lyanne M. said...

mmm, yes.
Tu sabes cual es mi miedo? Que despues de hacer la entrevista por telefono, q cuando valla a la presentacion de la uni hagan las entrevistas en persona como quiera. :P
Pero los de disney me dijeron q no, asi q ni modo. jeje

Jenn said...

It's no problem. I'm happy to help. :)