Saturday, August 21, 2010

I earn my Ears!!!!

So I earn my ears Im Officially a Custodial Cast Member! I work in The Magic Kingdom in Tomorrow Land, Toon Town and Fantasy Land :D 

Yeah the work isn't that easy but it is at the same time.... I love the guest interaction a 150%. Today I also get into Pin Trading and just about 5 minutes been on the streets and I trade my first pin to a little boy! I trade a total of 7 pins in just 11/2 hours.... now Im looking forward for the water painting :)

I love the work I love to make the Guest happy! Oh also today I replace (first time) an Ice Cream Cone for a Child that drooped his. Also I give a lot of directions during and after my assessment.

The assessment was first a written test.... dont worry is very easy and if you dont understand something you can always ask!

After that we need to explain most of the procedure opening, closing and normal....

Then you go with the Manager and hit the park.... doing a lot of Guest Interaction and giving you tips of how to do it, and teaching you a lot of specific stuff about your area, like the restaurant and their food, rides and what they are about.... pretty cool stuff!

Then the Manager let us do whatever we want after the break, my coworker and I went to Fantasy Land and we did Guest Interaction and cleaning the streets a for almost 2hrs!!!! and oh yeah the rain just fall while doing that lol was like a storm haha

Was a great day... Im crazy to go tomorrow to work again :) i just got 6hrs today and tomorrow will be the same.....

Thanks for Reading!
Have a Disney Day!!!!

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