Saturday, August 14, 2010

Done with Traditions!

So for me folks Traditions was fun! Idk I love history so i didn't get bored that much... like others did lol.... So in Traditions we went to MK using the Tunnels... then will there, we got to take notes about things in the park that Cast Member have to do so the Guest have an awesome time there.... also we get to see Mickey Mouse! and learn a lot about our Company! then we got our name tags! Finally! :D

After Traditions we went to MK and arrive there at 10:30pm so we miss the firework :/, but we get to see the Electric Parade :O :D awesome!

P.S: I just love the interaction with everyone, and picking up a random conversations at the bus with others unknown CPs is awesome

So Today Im having my first day of training! So I will let you know folks!

So see you tomorrow
Thank You for Reading
Have a Disney Day!!!! :D

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