Monday, November 29, 2010

Update!!!!! Finally :D

Hi guys!!!

Well everything good here! I went to Horror Nights, Island of Adventure, Kennedy Space Center, Sea World and my Girlfriend was here for 3 weeks :D lol its been almost 2 months since my last post and it seem like it only been a week. The time here pass flying lol.... 

So you know that i really wanted to extend my CP until May 2011.... Well....

I did!!! They give you 3 options and i choose
1-Character Attendant
2-Current Role/Location

So they give me.... Current Role/Location... I didnt got Character Attendant just like many other CPs that apply for that role. I havent heard about any extending CP that have got that role i dont know why... it seem like they dont want to invest in the training of new CPs in other Roles....

Well Christmas is around the corner and its going to be busy and crazy ufff! I dont know how we going to work in the Holidays lol

Thanks for Reading, Have a Disney Day!!!

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emilii said...

te conteste en MI blog, en mi post. pero ahora entre aca y preste mas atencion. si sos de puerto rico, tu lengua natal, no es espaƱol?

buueno, un beso, y nos veremos por ahi