Sunday, May 2, 2010

Info Session + Meeting Facebook ppl!!!! :)

So well the info session was last Thursday. So it was helpful but I already knew a lot of what they talk about. They talk about every step you have to take from day 0 trough the end of your program, yeah a lot of info, the reunion lasted almost 2hrs.... When the reunion was over just randomly Facebook friends and others that I just meet in the parking or in the reunion got together and some of us went to BK, so we have a blast there, get to meet new people was awesome also there where people that I already knew in real life lol. But just saying, it was cool to meet all that people and I cant wait for the send off party to meet more people and hang out with the new friends that I made in the info session!.....

well thats all lolz

Thank You for Reading!
Have a Disney Day!!!

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